DARLINGTON Borough Council is set to introduce virtual permits for resident parking and staff parking according to a recent order.

According to the statement of reasoning provided by Darlington Borough Council for the order, the "provision of virtual permits will assist the council in providing a better option for residents who require a residents parking permit and thus improve amenities."

The permits will be offered as an alternative to paper permits for resident and staff parking. 

As a result of the order, resident parking will require a paper permit or a virtual permit which will be entered into the Council's records as having been issued and is valid at the time of parking but is not provided to the applicant in physical form to be displayed.

The statement continues to say that "during operational times no vehicle shall be left in a parking place unless there is displayed a relevant valid permit, or a "virtual permit" has been issued relating to that vehicle.

The same applies for staff permits which allows people to acquire a "virtual staff permit" and a "virtual workplace permit" which are also entered into the council's records.