A PROPOSAL to provide "much needed" broadbrand links to a bishop town were submitted this week to Durham County Council.

The plans could see the installation of antenna, a dish that would be supported by two steel poles, and two equipment cabinets to the side of the antenna and dish and other supportive work.

According to the Design and Access Statement: "This proposal by Voneus is to provide a much needed broadband link to properties in the area."

The site, which is located on Grange Avenue in Bishop Auckland, had been identified as an area with poor quality existing broadband for the rural community after the pandemic showed an unprecidented increase in demand for good quality rural broadband.

The statement continues to say that Voneus, which is a wireless broadband provider and Code Systems Operator that specialises in providing high-speed internet to remote locations, "has been working to try and find solutions in the area by installing equipment on existing buildings."

"These enhanced speeds will make it easier for residents to work from home, learn from home, as well access other online services, everything from banking to gaming.

"The speeds are more than enough for all family members to be online at the same time.

"Crucially, the installation at Grange Street, will enable Voneus to roll out these services in the shortest possible timeframe. This fast roll-out is essential, especially with the fast changing situation with Covid-19, and the Government are asking people to keep working from home."