A NORTH-Yorkshire trust has added bespoke recycling bins on a local beach after a recent influx of littering left it scattered in rubbish.

The GreenSeas trust added the bin to help people make the connection between litter left on beaches and the harmful affect it has on marine and human health.

Due to lockdown restrictions easing across the country, an increase in UK domestic travel has resulted in an upsurge of littering.

According to the latest visitor research report 10.24 million trips were taken to Scarborough and 8.8 million of these were day trips.

The GreenSeas trust said that more must be done to ensure the cleanliness and environmental standards of Scarborough are addressed.

Fazilette Khan, founder of GreenSeas Trust, said: "The BinForGreenSeas acts as a beacon to remind people to dispose of their litter, especially plastics, responsibly.

"This not only improves the aesthetics but also positively impacts on mental and physical health.

"By 2022, we want the BinForGreenSeas placed along 16 more UK promenades."