A BRAND new 'self-serve' drinks store has opened in the Metrocentre - and it promises to have something for everyone.

The Selfee Store in the Yellow Mall of the Gateshead shopping centre officially opened its doors on Monday.

From slushes to iced coffee, claiming to be the Metrocentre's "first" store of its type, it will allow customers to vend their own custom drink from a range of flavours.

It will serve a range of drinks including Snowshock, dispensed iced coffee, Frappina and carbonated slush drink, Fizzee.

According to the firm, the idea was born out of lockdown after the Campbell family wanted to bring all their drink brands under one roof.

The Northern Echo:

The family said they had been in soft drinks since 1998 and the brands sold by Selfee had been developed over the years by different members of the family. 

A spokesperson for the firm said the lease on the Metrocentre store was only recently agreed, but already they are planning a future chain of stores.

They said: "Selfee is Britain's first dedicated self service specialist beverage shop opened just after the Covid 19 lockdown, which was lifted in April 2021.

"The 'flagship' store is the precursor to a future chain of stores across the UK and other parts of the world. 

"The idea was born during a get together around a picnic bench during the first lockdown.

"With little else to do, the Campbell family discussed bringing all of their drinks brands altogether under one roof in a retail setting.

"Shortly afterwards the shop in the Metrocentre, Gateshead, UK was found, the plans were underway and the lease agreed."