AN HISTORIC North-East hotel which is believed to have once been Henry VIII’s hunting lodge could see external and internal alterations a planning application to Durham County Council has revealed.

The Manor House Hotel on Front Street, in West Auckland, could see the construction of raised timber deck to the north side of the north wing, the creation of two openings within the existing stone external wall and the relocation of access road leading into over-flow parking and service yard area.

The work could also see window openings on the north side of the building, an extension of the existing conservatory to the south side of the building and alterations to the roof to create a glazed opening.

To create a raised internal terrace area, new openings, a new glazed roof structure, extension of the existing conservatory, the construction of a gas metre cupboard and alterations to the internal access road and planting areas.

According to the Design and Access Statement, the existing building is part of the 15th Century and is generally believed to have once been Henry VIII’s hunting lodge.

It continues to say that the, now, north wing of the hotel was once occupied by West Auckland Brewery which was founded by a consortium of people headed by John James Hoult Tamplin who acquired around 20 South Durham pubs, but ran into debt problems in 1877.