A MAN who made an estimated benefit of £34,489 by stealing from his employer has been ordered to pay a nominal £1 proceeds of crime confiscation order.

Kevin Pyle admitted theft from an employer at Durham Crown Court, last November.

The offence involved computer monitoring equipment belonging to AEL Systems, of Aycliffe Business Park, Newton Aycliffe, and was said to have taken place between November 1, 2016, and September 3, 2017.

The 26-year-old defendant, of Denham Place, Newton Aycliffe, returned to the court for sentence, on December 15, when he received a 14-month prison sentence, suspended for two years.

He was also ordered to observe a five-month electrically-monitored home curfew between 7pm and 7am.

Proceeds of crime proceedings were also triggered to see what could be confiscated from the defendant.

Jonathan Harley, for the Crown, said it was now agreed with the defence that Pyle accepts a £34,489 benefit figure from the offence.

Mr Harley said as the defendant is said to have no money or assets the Crown was seeking a nominal £1 sum in payment.

Agreeing those figures, Judge Ray Singh warned the defendant: “You are still a relatively young man and you may come into money in future or even win the lottery and, when that happens, that £34,000 is still owed.

“That’s hanging around for a long time.

“A lot of people walk away thinking they have paid their £1 and that’s the end of it.

“It very much isn’t.”