THE North-East has been battered with what feels like gale-force winds today, with weather expecting to worsen across the region.

Parts of the North-East and North Yorkshire are set to see rain and snow this afternoon as last week's hot weather truly comes to an end. 

It follows yesterday's wintry start to Easter Monday as a layer of white covered the region before the day's bright sunshine.

We've put together an hour by hour forecast, based on the latest data from The Met Office, to help show how the ever-changing weather may affect you.


The Northern Echo: Durham. Picture: MET OFFICEDurham. Picture: MET OFFICE

The forecast for Durham generally shows rain this afternoon but it will ease up before the end of the working day, with sunny intervals.

Sleet is also on the cards between 3pm and 4pm as temperatures drop from 4C to 2C but the evening looks to be a pleasant one, albeit cold. 

Winds peak at 26 and 27mph from 4pm to 6pm.

Bishop Auckland 

The Northern Echo: Bishop Auckland. Picture: MET OFFICEBishop Auckland. Picture: MET OFFICE

Bishop Auckland, with its colder temperatures, is set for light showers changing to heavy snow this afternoon.

Despite the calling for hats and gloves, the winter sun will also make an appearance as it sets between 7pm and 8pm.

Newton Aycliffe

The Northern Echo: Newton Aycliffe. Picture: MET OFFICENewton Aycliffe. Picture: MET OFFICE

Heavy showers are on the cards for Newton Aycliffe residents this afternoon.

They will change to sleet showers between 2pm and 3pm but ease off for the rest of the day. While it's not as cold here as in other parts of the region, it will feel like -2C or -3C so make sure to wrap up.

The wind gust also peaks at 3pm, reaching 30mph.

Barnard Castle​

The Northern Echo: Barnard Castle. Picture: MET OFFICEBarnard Castle. Picture: MET OFFICE

With temperatures set to feel like -5C at 4pm, there is no surprise clouds are expected to change to heavy snow from 3pm until the sun makes a reappearance at 7pm.

Wind speeds will also reach 31 mph at 4pm, so hold off popping to the shops for another hour.


The Northern Echo: Seaham. Picture: MET OFFICESeaham. Picture: MET OFFICE

The weather in Seaham is similar to the rest of County Durham, with heavy showers changing to light snow in the afternoon.

It's not, however, getting as cold with stable temperatures of 3C that feel like -2C and -3C. Wind gusts are set to peak at 29mph at 7pm.

Darlington and Teesside

The Northern Echo: Darlington. Picture: MET OFFICEDarlington. Picture: MET OFFICE

Darlington is seeing similar weather as County Durham, with light showers changing to light snow in the afternoon.

It's not as windy in Darlington as in other areas, with highs of 25mph at 5pm. The Northern Echo also checked Middlesbrough and Stockton, which showed no real difference. 

Hartlepool is set for cloudy skies which will change to sleet showers.

Richmond and Hambleton, North Yorkshire

The Northern Echo: Richmond. Picture: MET OFFICERichmond. Picture: MET OFFICE

North Yorkshire often gets the best and worst of weather, with glorious sunshine or a blanket of snow on its hills - and today is no different.

Richmond may be cloudy right now but heavy snow is expected this afternoon.

Temperatures will be coldest at 4pm, and again and 8pm and 9pm this evening. 

Hambleton has a similar forecast, with light snow instead of heavy expected.