A MUM and daughter who spent their morning clearing vodka bottles and smashed glass from a Darlington spot "covered" in litter from Tuesday have been praised by a councillor.

Katherine Waistell and Gracie, 10, were praised for their "community spirit" as Councillor Alan Marshall hand-delivered a bouquet of flowers and easter egg on Thursday.

The pair, of Cockerton, gained widespread praise after collecting dozens worth of bin bags at a beauty spot at High Coniscliffe on Wednesday.

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The site, which is by the River Tees and normally popular with dog walkers and families, was left strewn with mess on Tuesday - the first day of hot weather and eased restrictions.

At the time Ms Waistell and Gracie had started their litter pick, they said vodka bottles, gas canisters and 'half-smoked' joints had been left behind.

The Northern Echo: The mess at the site Picture: CONTRIBUTORThe mess at the site Picture: CONTRIBUTOR

Councillor Alan Marshall, economy cabinet member at Darlington Borough Council, said: "A thank you from the Cabinet to Katherine and her daughter, Gracie for their community spirit in litter picking around the River Tees at Broken Scar on Wednesday."

Ms Waistell, who is currently on furlough, said Gracie had been "over the moon" at the response they have had on social media, and from Cllr Marshall's visit.

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Vowing to make litter picking a regular part of their routine, Ms Waistell said they were planning on clearing rubbish from their local park.

She said: "I was overwhelmed - I didn't want all this attention, I was only trying to teach my daughter a lesson in littering and to get her active, and out.

The Northern Echo: They have vowed to make litter picking a regular part of their routine Picture: CONTRIBUTORThey have vowed to make litter picking a regular part of their routine Picture: CONTRIBUTOR

"But she's been over the moon, she's really shy - but she rang her nana when the councillor went to tell her all about it."

Ms Waistell visited the beauty spot again yesterday to help clear up any remaining mess, but said other volunteers had been out in force.

She said: "It's 100 per cent better there - when we went there was maybe just two or three bin bags worth."

Darlington Borough Council has since warned that its civic enforcement officers and the police will be on patrol across the town during the Easter break.

It said those with concerns about anti-social behaviour should call Durham Police on 101 or Darlington Council's civic enforcement team on 01325 406 999.