A TEENAGE rapist jailed for attacking a vulnerable woman in a park has had his sentence increased by the Court of Appeal.

Kenneth Gent, 19, had been given three years in detention after admitting two counts of rape in 2017.

The court heard after telling a young woman with a developmental delay that he would escort her to the bus stop, he raped her in a park in Gateshead.

During the attack, the then 16-year-old punched, kicked and bit her, leaving her bleeding and bruised to “crawl away to seek help”.

On Wednesday, his sentence was increased to an extended sentence of seven-and-a-half years, including four-and-half-years in custody, following a referral by the Attorney General’s Office (AGO).

Gent, of Clavering Road, Gateshead, wore a grey and navy tracksuit top as he appeared via video link, speaking to correct the pronunciation of his name.

Sarah Przybylska, for the Attorney General, argued the original sentence was unduly lenient and suggested Gent should be given “at least four-and-a-half to five years of detention”.

She pointed out “multiple serious aggravating factors” with the offence, including the violence against the victim.

Miss Przybylska added Gent had a “worsening” criminal record and had shown a deterioration in his behaviour following other convictions, including robbery.
Concerns were also raised about Gent’s dangerousness in the future.

She continued: “The pre-sentence report noticed significant concerns particularly in regards to his attitude towards women. He blamed the victim.”

Gent, who has been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, was said to have shown little remorse.

His offending was likely linked to his personality disorder, the court heard.
Lady Justice Macur, sitting with Mr Justice Jay and Mr Justice Butcher, increased Gent’s sentence so he will now spend four-and-a-half-years behind bars before spending three years on licence.

Outlining their decision, Lady Justice Macur said: “It was dark and under the pretence of escorting her to the bus, he persuaded her to take a route through the park.

“She was dragged to a spot, presumably out of public view. The defendant punched her face, pushed her to the ground and kicked her in the back.”

Gent then removed her lower clothes and pulled her top over her head so she could not see before raping her.

The judge continued: “The victim is a petit young woman and would have been a poor physical match.

“When she tried to drag herself up from the ground she was pulled back down by her hair.”

She added: “The victim was left to crawl away to seek help from a nearby shop.”
Gent had claimed he had taken the victim to a taxi rank and left her there and did not go into the park with her.

However, he later said he was drunk at the time of the offence and it had started as consensual.

“He suggested the victim had planned to get him into jail because she knew he had a bad temper,” Lady Justice Macur added.

She continued: “These were extremely grave crimes committed over three years before his conviction.”

“In this case we determine it is appropriate that a determinate extended sentence should be applied.

“The sentence of three years of detention will be quashed and it will be replaced with an extended determinate sentence of seven and a half years, with a custodial element of four-and-a-half years and a licence period of three years.”

Speaking after the hearing, Attorney General, Michael Ellis QC said: “Gent carried out a shocking attack, ignoring all cries to stop. In my view his sentence was too lenient, and I am glad that the court saw fit to increase it today.

“I hope this brings some comfort to the young victim.”