ON Good Friday it's a tradition to eat fish, but were in Durham and Darlington can you get the best meal?

Millions of Christians will avoid meat today while many atheists will likely follow suit too, tucking into a fish supper. 

According to Christianity, Jesus sacrificed his flesh on Good Friday and this is why people traditionally abstain from 'meaty flesh'.

Fish, however, is thought of differently as it comes from the sea. 

It is also believed fish shapes were secretly used by Christians to identify each other.

However, fish may not be the go-to for some, with hot cross buns also being a traditional food due to the pastry cross. Some Christians also fast for the day as a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made. 

While the coronavirus pandemic means families cannot head out to enjoy a fish meal today, there are plenty of options to order in across Durham and Darlington. 

Here are five top fish shops according to Just Eat:

Gilesgate Golden Chippy, Durham

Gilesgate Golden Chippy has 'local legend' recognition on the food delivery site. With £2 delivery and £10 minimum spend, the chip shop offers far more than just fish.

It has burgers, kebabs and pizza on the menu which is perfect for anyone in the family who isn't feeling fish Friday. 

The takeaway, on Gort Place, has 482 reviews on Just Eat and an average star rating of 5.44. 

One person, giving six stars, wrote: "I ordered Inferno pizza again. So satisfied again. The taste was consistent with the last order. I will order Inferno pizza again. Fish and Chips was also very good. Large quantity, responsible price, taste very good. Reorder? Definitely yes!!"

Stantons Fish & Chips, Durham

This fish shop also has 'local legend' recognition, with a slightly cheaper delivery fee of £1.50 but the same minimum spend.

The Neville Street takeaway has a similar offering and 5.11 out of six stars, while 268 reviews have been left.

One happy customer, giving a full six-star review, said: "Piping hot, good portion and tasted lovely."

Red Fish Bar, Durham

With a rating of 5.07 of six, Red Fish Bar, on Priory Road, has pizza, kebabs, wraps and specials as well as vegan and vegetarian options. There is even a family fish box on the menu, which is an easy go-to for any family of four. 

It also has a £10 minimum order and £1.50 delivery fee. 

B & H Pizzeria & Chippy, Darlington

With 2505 reviews and an average customer rating of 4.77 out of six, B & H Pizzeria & Chippy has also established itself as a local legend.

As well as all the classic food items up for grabs at a takeaway, B & H Pizzeria & Chippy, on Yarm Road, also has parmos and pies on the menu. 

A new mum, leaving six stars, wrote: "Beautiful as always. Decided to try a pie it was gorgeous, only downside was it had no salt and vinegar on but we just used our own no biggie. The food that actually fuelled my labour seeing as we had our baby 2 hours after eating it".

Haughton Chippy, Darlington

With an average customer rating of 5.26 stars and 1046 reviews, this chippy has plenty on the menu including fish cakes, haggis and black pudding as well as Teesside parmos.

Haughton Chippy, on Haughton Green, has a minimum spend of £9 and a delivery fee of £3, though delivery is free for orders over £30. 

One happy customer said: "All lovely, especially the haggis".