IT is disappointing that the first sunny day after locked down was eased ended with litter strewn everywhere.

The finger is pointed at the young people who rushed to meet up with their friends at the earliest opportunity, and left behind a mass of debris.

Before we become too judgemental, we must accept that many young people have been cooped up in small rooms and will be understandably keen to enjoy the student social experience – for which they feel they have paid – before their time runs out.

And perhaps they are only follower the example set by their elders. Our grass verges are constantly filled with refuse chucked out of passing cars, and only a small army of volunteers – certainly on the roads of North Yorkshire and south Durham – is preventing the sort of accumulation that was seen yesterday on our beaches and in our parks.

And what about the popular walks in our countryside, with parking points littered with discarded masks and the trees groaning under the weight of lobbed poo bags? There aren’t many students that keep pets.

There is no excuse for any littering. Of course those celebrating the lifting of lockdown should have taken their bottles and their barbecues home – but we all need to play our part.