AN HISTORIC North-East town hall could see 'extensive' repair work a planning application to Durham County Council has revealed. 

The start of the proposed work could be on the ground floor toilets which could be refurbished according to the proposal.

The facilities could see the existing OSB floor replaced with a marine plywood floor which would make the floor impervious to the passage of moisture.

A new integrated plumbing system has also been proposed along with new WC pans and high-level cisterns together with pedestal washbasins. 

Victorian effect urinals and column radiators will replace the contemporary fittings to give the facilities a more traditional look. 

There is also proposed repair work that could be undertaken on the Great Hall Dentils which aims to remove the damaged dentils and replace them with new hardwood units. 

According to the Heritage Statement a much wider programme of work is to be undertaken on the listed building, however, much of this work has been identified as "repair not requiring consent."

The statement continues to say that "there will be no changes to the external appearance of the building as a result of these proposals and the work will cause no harm to the setting of other assets."