THIS week, a primary school has taken part in numerous events in celebration of Holy Week.

Pupils at St Joseph’s RC Primary School, in Gilesgate, County Durham, have completed exciting activities in the lead up to the religious event.

Classes across the school have prepared readings and artwork in order to produce a liturgy based on the Stations of the Cross.

Children in each class were recorded reading or holding their artwork, and this was put together to make a liturgy for the school to share to their online community.

As visitors are not permitted to go into the school at the moment, this is a valuable and efficient way of ensuring the school community and parishioners are still involved in everything done as a school.

The school will also be holding liturgies throughout Holy Week delivered by Mrs Reilly O-Donnell and Miss Haggart, which will focus on aspects such as Passover and the Washing of Feet.

Pupils in Key Stage 1 have prepared for this by helping light the candle at the focal point, and pupils have produced artwork based on Holy Week.

In Year 3 and 4, children have created their own story stones to represent each day of Holy Week, and they have also created Easter cards which focus on the resurrection of Jesus.

In Year 4 and 5, pupils have focused on how Judas, Mary, Jesus and the Roman Soldiers are portrayed, producing a piece of artwork to reflect this.

In Year 6, the children have produced news articles based on Good Friday and looked in-depth at the fourteen Stations of the Cross.

They were lucky enough to have Katie Flood, Youth Ministry Co-ordinator, to help with this.

Miss Leon Wilson, teacher of Year 3 and 4, said: "During unprecedented times, it has been a great way to ensure the school community are fully involved.

“Children are extremely engaged and enthused about their Holy Week activities and it has been a great end to a lovely term seeing the children back in school. We are all so pleased to be back together."

Jacob, Year 5, said: “We’ve chosen either Judas, Mary, Jesus or a Roman Soldier. We have created a close up portrait with a background that links to their personality. It has been great fun."

Zara, Year 6, said: “We have been writing a newspaper article about Good Friday and the fourteen Stations of the Cross. It has been great to help us learn more about Holy Week”

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