LABOUR have announced their candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner.

Today it was announced that Matthew Storey will stand as Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Cleveland.

This comes after Dr Paul Williams stepped down for the race and announced he would be standing for Hartlepool's MP in the upcoming by-election.

Mr Storey is a local councillor who has previously worked to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the local area.

Mr Storey, said: “We need the police to be there for us but the Tories have taken the police off the streets over the past decade they’ve been in power. My priority is to get more police on the streets to keep people safe.

"Post-Covid we cannot balance the books on the back of our police force and I will fight for more government funding and a reversal of the massive cuts we have had to face over the last 10 years.

“People want to see a named, neighbourhood police officer they recognise on patrol and that is my commitment to local people. We need police who know and understand their communities who are able to prevent crime taking place and that is what I will deliver.

“Cleveland Police has a troubled history and we need a fresh start and new leadership. I am not complacent about the challenges we face and the people of Cleveland deserve a police force they can trust to serve and protect them.

"The new Chief Constable is making good progress and I back him. I will work with the Chief to deliver the police force we need and deserve.

“There are hardworking officers on the front line and they have been let down in the past. I will support them in doing their job to keep us safe.

“Our key workers, including the police, have done an amazing job over the past year but the Government decision not to give them a pay rise is an insult. I want police officers in Cleveland to know I will speak up for them and demand they get the pay they deserve.”

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Simon Clarke, Conservative MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, said: “Literally the last thing Cleveland Police needs is another member of Labour’s cosy charmed circle from Middlesbrough to be in charge of it. 

"Matt Storey comes from a long line of local Labour politicians who propped up Barry Coppinger’s disastrous tenure as Police and Crime Commissioner, during which time our Force sank to the worst in the country.

“May’s election really matters and we need Conservative candidate Steve Turner to put the pride back into Cleveland Police.”