LARGE numbers of “at-risk people” could develop serious Covid-19 infections if restrictions are lifted now, a vaccination expert said today.

Professor Jeremy Brown said between 90 and 95-per cent of people at high risk have been vaccinated, but mostly with one dose, which does not provide full protection.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) member said: “Until we have done the second dose and everyone has been vaccinated, there is a little degree of infection that still occurs.

“If you completely lift all restrictions there will be a wave of infections across the country and those who are not protected, either because the first vaccine hasn’t worked very well in them and they need their second dose, or because they have not had a vaccine at this point in time but are still vulnerable, they will get infections and they will end up in hospital and die.

“So, if you lift restrictions, even though most people who are at risk have been vaccinated, the proportion who have not still represent a very large number of people who could end up with serious infection.”

Prof Brown also told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday that people who received the Pfizer vaccine for their first dose should get the same for their second.

“I’m not an expert on supply, but everyone who got the Pfizer the first time will get the Pfizer the second time, and AstraZeneca (will be) the same.

“The supply has been matched to allow that to happen, so that should happen.”