THERE was a nibble in the Budget of last night’s announcement regarding the arrival of a new wind turbine manufacturing company with up to 3,000 jobs on Teesside, and we have long known about the mayor’s ambitions for the port.

However, so although it is not entirely new, it is very welcome news, and the naming of GE Renewable Energy as the company moving into the region is a tangible development. It puts real flesh on the promises of job creation by mayor Ben Houchen and of green power by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has said Britain will generate enough power from wind for every home by 2030. It is more than just hot air.

This is a great sector for the region to be involved in. It ticks so many boxes, such as us starting to make things again, in being good for the environment, and creating real and good quality jobs to replace the proper jobs that were lost when steelmaking came to an end.

We are beginning to see a cluster of expertise, and confidence, developing in Teesside’s green energy sector – perhaps we won’t need that freeport, after all.