THE Sussexes’ interview has split the country, with 32 per cent of people supporting Meghan and Harry, 32 per cent against and 36 per cent uncertain.

That last figure is surprising because most people, starting with US president Joe Biden, do seem to have an opinion – even if they are not as strong as those of Piers Morgan, who stormed off the set of Good Morning Britain yesterday after being challenged on his opposition to Meghan.

The couple threw some incredibly incendiary bombs at the royal family, and although Oprah Winfrey’s soft line of questioning was good at getting headlines, it didn’t drill down to the truth. It didn’t challenge Meghan enough – was she really saying that another human being refused her help when she was suicidal because it would look bad for the royal family?

But these are serious allegations that need to be investigated. If there is overt racism at the heart of an organisation that covers so many skin tones the world over, the commonwealth is in peril.

The palace, then, is right to look into the accusations. We have, after all, only heard one side of the story. The palace is right to do this privately, without a round of damaging counter-briefing – but that doesn’t mean it can brush them under the carpet. It will have to, at some point, make a public statement that either accepts or rebuts the core of these shocking allegations.