IT is Diana all over again. One half of the country feels that Meghan is a self-obsessed and deviously manipulative so-and-so while the other half feels she has been terribly tortured by the stuffy shirts of “the firm” just because she is young, female and different.

There are so many contradictions in Harry and Meghan fleeing to the US for privacy and then baring their souls in the most public of television shows, so ensuring that every part of the lives they wish to keep private is pored over the world over.

The interview produced some great tittle-tattle about who made whom cry, but some points cannot be so easily dismissed, particularly the suggestion that there are people working for the royal family – Britain’s premier family who are somehow supposed to represent us all – who are racist.

If a courtier did wonder loudly about the colour of unborn Archie’s skin and if another did advise Meghan that “it would be best if you could be 50 per cent less” as regards to her skin colour, it is totally unacceptable.

Racism is wrong and should be rooted out. The palace needs to investigate, and Harry and Meghan should assist that investigation – although it would be best done in private because lobbing these nuclear bombs around in public will lead to everyone getting hurt.