DARLINGTON has been confirmed as the location for a new government campus in the North-East as part of the Government’s programme to decentralise decision making and level up the country.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak this morning told Treasury officials that they would be relocating from London to Darlington, beating off competition from Newcastle, Leeds and Bradford.

Simon Clarke MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, speaking to The Northern Echo, said the decision would "change the nature of decision making".

He said: "From problems with transport, schools, crime. The big point here is that it will change the nature of decision making.  The people making the big decisions will be seeing the challenges and opportunities in our area first hand.

"This is a big win for Darlington and will have a ripple effect all the way through the Tees Valley to East Cleveland, my constituency. 

"I am delighted for Darlington, It is a wondering announcement with benefits for the whole region."

Here's everything we know so far about the move: 

When will Treasury North be set up?

It will become operational by end of this Parliament and is part of the wider target to move 22,000 Civil Servants out of London by 2030.

The next election is in 2024, meaning the government has given itself three years to get the Northern base up-and-running. 

However, speculation around a temporary base while the Northern HQ is built suggests the move may be sooner rather than later. 

Mr Clarke said: "Now that the announcement has been made, it's going to happen quickly."

Where will it be?

While there has not been an official announcement, The Northern Echo has identified four potential sites. 

Feethams House - the £8.5m office complex completed construction in May. 
The five-storey building is situated in the town centre.

Lingfield Point - the 107-acre business park is based in Lingfield Close. 
The huge complex was built in the 1940s as the largest wool factory in the world, for Patons & Baldwins. It's now a business park, communications hub and a centre for the business community.

Central Park - this CPI development near Bank Top station could also be where the Treasury base could be situated. There is said to be space before the university building. This would benefits staff by being situated near to train station.

Teesside Airport - although this location is looking unlikely due to it not being in Darlington town centre, the airport may be a contender for the Treasury base.

How many and what kind of jobs? 

At least 750 roles will be based at the campus from the Treasury, Department for Business and Energy, Ministry of Housing, International Trade and the ONS.

Simon Clarke MP said: "There will be a mixture of jobs and a mixture of those relocating and new jobs being created. 

"There is a mixture of serious jobs including on the policy team.

"What we really want is local people from the Tees Valley to benefit. This is something that should excite young people. It's going to make a big difference to people who have grown up here, to get these opportunities without having to move away from the region. 

"There is a particular focus on the next generation, there has been this brain drain in the Tees Valley but all of that changes today."

Mr Sunak announced plans last year to move 22,000 jobs out of London by 2030.

The move will feed into the local economy with a range of supporting roles like cleaning and catering expected. 

What do people working in the Treasury make of the announcement?

It would be normal for people asked to uproot their lives to be apprehensive but Mr Clarke expects excitement through the treasury office. 

Mr Clarke said: "I imagine they are very excited. Having previously been a treasury minister, people really do believe in the levelling up message.

"And when you talk about quality of life, life in a place like Darlington is incomparable."