WORK has started to improve a town's car park to maximise parking space.

The work had been delayed by Covid and was due to be undertaken last year.

The car park in Willington high street is to get a new surface thanks to money from Durham County Council.

Residents identified the state of the carpark on the high street as an issue.

This project aims to improve a key site at the centre of the Town and provide better parking facilities.

This will include resurfacing work, introducing marked bays and the installation of an electric charging point.

This is in preparation for a greener future.

The weather has been particularly hard on roads in the town this winter.

In Willington this has caused big problems at the pedestrian crossing on Chapel Street and the top of Stoney Bank amongst others.

Emergency repairs have been undertaken but a more permanent fix is needed in many instances.

Money for the car parks was committed before this winter’s damage to the roads.

Durham County Council has also allocated more funding to this and more comprehensive repairs will follow as equipment becomes available.

Councillors are also looking into improving the car park at the Co-op in Willington, as many motorists find it difficult to get in and out.

Durham County Councillor for Willington and Hunwick Fraser Tinsley said: “This work was due to be undertaken last year and has been delayed by Covid.

“People have rightly identified parking on the Main Street in Willington as an issue.

"This project is about improving a key site at the centre of the Town and providing better parking facilities for residents.

"It’s also really positive that it will include our first electric charging point in Willington.”

Fellow County Councillor Olwyn Gunn said: “The car park upgrade is another piece of the jigsaw in bringing improvements to Willington but there’s a lot more to come.”