Today, The Northern Echo launches a series of special reports looking at the fragile state of our care sector and the fears that hundreds of care homes across our region will close within the next five years.

It is a care system which been decimated by the Covid-19 virus.

Also, successive governments have let down older people and not tackled the problems with social care.


This has cost older people their dignity, their safety, and their lives. This has to change. The care system needs immediate funding and long-term reform.

Among the list of priorities should be joined up health and care services, increased support for unpaid carers and investment in care workers to ensure high quality care.

It is a sector which has been underfunded for years and now there is an even greater unmet need, with thousands of people not receiving the care and support they need with essential living activities.

In his first speech as PM, Boris Johnson promised to fix the crisis in social care. It is time for him to keep that promise.