A PHOTOGRAPHER managed to capture a stunning image of a couple kissing on Roseberry Topping in front of the moon.

Last night (Friday) Steven McDonald, from Middlesbrough, who mainly specialises in wedding photography, snapped the moon and by chance caught a couple kissing at the top of Roseberry Topping.

The photograph was taken at exactly 5.25pm, after Steven bought a special lense to capture the moon.

He said: "I hadn't planned on people to be on top."

The photo has now gone viral on social media with over 3.5k likes on Steven's Instagram, his handle is: @stevenmcdonald_photography.

He said: "I'm just buzzing people like it.

"I didn't expect it to hit the news, I just wanted something fresh for social media."

Steven has been appealing for the couple to come forward.

He said: "If I found the couple I'd give them a copy.

"People have been saying it's fake, but it's clearly not."

The photograph was taken just outside of Great Ayton.

Steven's website is: stevenmcdonaldphotography.com/