A WOMAN who inflicted knife injuries on the occupier of a house she walked into is ‘likely’ to receive a mental health hospital order.

Diana Loginova was arrested by armed police called to Watt Street Ferryhill, at 11.30am on April 10, 2020.

She entered a house where there was in a confrontation with a male householder, who suffered injuries to his right cheek and hand, after trying to grab the knife.

Following her arrest, the defendant tightly squeezed the hand of a female officer as she was being checked into a police custody suite, causing some loss of blood.

Appearing at Durham Crown Court, via video link from Roseberry Park, a mental health facility in Middlesbrough, she denied aggravated burglary, but admitted possessing a knife in public and assaulting an emergency worker.

Judge James Adkin suggested the Crown should seek an alternative charge to account for the injuries inflicted in the house.

Adjourning until March 26, when he also wants an updated psychiatric report, the judge said the “likely” outcome would be by way of a hospital order, without restrictions, under the Mental Health Act.