A PHARMACY continues to play a key role in the wellbeing of our local communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wolsingham Pharmacy in Weardale has been keeping residents and vulnerable people safe during the pandemic with their work.

Ross Hepplewhite Director of the Pharmacy said: “Through collaborative working with our GP colleagues we have looked at how we can further develop the positive impact of our pharmacy service.

“We have looked at new and innovate ways of managing prescriptions in partnership with our GP practices to ensure the timely supply of medication to our patients whilst increasing the role of our pharmacy team can play.

“Last year was a very difficult year for everyone and we are proud of how our Pharmacy team and patients have pulled together to continue supporting each other.

“Our Pharmacy has continued to provide essential prescription dispensing services as well as face to face healthcare throughout the pandemic.

“We really got behind the Flu vaccination campaign this year and are proud to have so many of our local community come into the pharmacy to receive a flu jab.

“We have looked to grow on this success and have applied to provide the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Its a great way for patients to access this critical vaccination program, whilst adhering to Government advice by staying close to home.

“It has been very difficult for some of our must vulnerable community members to access critical healthcare and pharmacy needs during the pandemic.”

The Pharmacy is now looking at how they can further support our patients to stay well at home, whilst adhering to the measures the Government introduced last year, that are still in place over 12 months later.

Wolsingham pharmacy set up a free a prescription delivery service and phone consultation service to help their patients get the most out of their medication ,whilst being able to contact the pharmacy for confident advice and support.

The service has been a great success that will continue once the pandemic is over.

Mr Hepplewhite added: “Our team led by Richard, are here for our local community and always provide an individual service to our patients.”