EVERY single food hygiene rating given to pubs, restaurants and takeaways across Darlington has been listed - and you can see how yours compares here.

Most recent food ratings for every single food outlet in and around the town centre has been published, with businesses rating between 1 and 5. 

The ratings, which are from The Food Standards Agency, are based on inspections carried out by food standards inspectors within the Darlington Borough Council area. 

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A total of 431 business fall under the pubs, takeaways, cafes, restaurants and nightclub categories, which are routinely inspected by law.

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Across the UK, every food outlet including convenience stores, hospitals and care homes are given a hygiene rating.

The ratings, which are based on hygiene and safety, structural compliance and confidence in management, are routinely reviewed.

What each hygiene rating means

0 - Urgent Improvement Necessary
1 - Major Improvement Necessary
2 - Some Improvement Necessary
3 - Hygiene Standards Generally Satisfactory
4 - Hygiene Standards Good
5 - Hygiene Standards Very Good

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  • If your business has been re-rated by the Food Standards Agency, let us know by emailing jim.scott@newsquest.co.uk