A NORTH-East care home could be renovated and refurbished a planning application has revealed.

The care home, which is on North Street in Ferryhill, could see refurbishments to the external look of the building such as paintwork and new materials to give it a more modern look.

According to the design and access statement the development could see the demolition of the north west wing of the building in order to accommodate for additional parking spaces and garden.

A new interior layout is also proposed to improve the spaces and facilitate the use of their connections.

The proposal looks to replace all windows with aluminium to create a more uniform appearance.

Currently the care home is being used for young people and allows families to be accommodated and to provide the necessary spaces for people staying in the home, the use of the building is proposed to stay the same.

The care home was opened in 1972 and is situated in Ferryhill's town centre.

The planning application was submitted to Durham County Council and is still available to be viewed by the public and to be commented on.