ON Monday an MP asked the Prime Minister when Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approval would be expected for the Novavax vaccine.

Jacob Young, Conservative MP for Redcar, asked Boris Johnson when he thought approval would come for the Novavax vaccine which is being produced in Billingham.

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Mr Johnson was not able to set a date for approval, however he was quick to praise the Teesside facilities following his visit on February 13.

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Mr Young said: "Our vaccine rollout so far has been an amazing success, and I want to thank those at our Eston PCN, Redcar Hospital, James Cook and the Government for their efforts in delivering it.

"We are hitting targets and reaching milestones each day, and soon we will have The Novavax Vaccine, made in Teesside, to help as well.

"Can I ask the Prime Minister, when he expects this new Teesside vaccine to be approved by the MHRA?"

Mr Johnson, said: "I was thrilled to go up to Teesside and to see the site where the Novavax vaccine will be made and, in fact to look at one of the bio-reactors that will be used.

"I can't give him an exact date by which the MHRA will give approval but we're pretty confident Madam Deputy Speaker that it will be forthcoming before too long."

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