TWO men who forced their way into their victim’s home before launching a violent attack on him has been jailed.

Thomas Boyne, armed with a knuckleduster, punched the man to the face several times causing cuts to his forehead and eyebrow during the short-lived assault.

His partner in crime, Thomas Blackburn, threw several punches at the victim while he was pinned to the sofa after pushing the man’s girlfriend out of the way.

The pair burst into the property in Northallerton at around 7pm on February 19 last year, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Judge Howard Crowson said: “This was a planned attack on the victim in his home. It was over relatively quickly but a number of blows were delivered and when his girlfriend tried to intervene she was pushed away and at one point restrained.

"There were some threats about damaging windows if she called the police."

The Northern Echo: Thomas BoyneThomas Boyne

Paul Abrahams, prosecuting, said the victim suffered a cut to the eyebrow and his forehead as a result of the violence.

He said the pair pushed their way into the house before Boyne started punching the victim while wearing a knuckleduster leaving the man 'bleeding profusely'.

The reason for the violence was not revealed in court but the judge heard Boyne has a lengthy list of convictions, including one for possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear.

Boyne, of HMP Holme House, pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary with intent to cause grievous bodily harm following the incident on February 19 last year.

Duncan McReddie, in mitigation, told the court his client was currently serving a prison sentence and has 54 convictions for 119 offences on his record.

He said: "He does have an unenviable record and he understands that but I ask for full credit as it is rare for cases of this seriousness for people enter a guilty plea."

The Northern Echo: Thomas BlackburnThomas Blackburn

His co-accused, Blackburn, of White Rose Way, Thirsk, pleaded guilty to the same charge but had no previous convictions.

Nick Askins, in mitigation, said: "He well understands that he made a serious error of judgement which is going to set him back a long time."

Boyne, 29, was jailed for seven years while his 22-year-old co-accused Blackburn was sentenced to four years and eight months in custody.