WORK is continuing to repair railway bridges in Darlington.

Network Rail is restoring three historic railway bridges in the town, as part of a £60,000 project.

Improvement work on two bridges on Yarm Road was completed late in 2020 and planning for restoration work for the bridge on North Road is underway.

Network Rail workers will restore and repaint the bridge, and carry out minor repair work. A decision is due to be made on what colour to repaint the Grade II listed bridge.

Darlington MP Peter Gibson, who asked for the work to be carried out, said: "Due to the impending investment in our train station it is important that those visiting Darlington are greeted with an aesthetically pleasing route into our town.

“Network Rail have been extremely responsive in ensuring the work can be done on the bridges to brighten up our town. It was great to meet their team on site last year to see first-hand the work being done to restore the bridges, including to highlight the town’s coat of arms on the bridges which feature Locomotion No. 1.”

The elevations of the two railway bridges on Yarm Road underwent deep cleaning and restorative painting last autumn.

Network Rail worked with Darlington Borough Council to coordinate planning efforts for the project.

Paul Rutter, route director for the East Coast, Network Rail, said: “This investment will brighten up Darlington, with the work on these three bridges improving the appearance of key gateways into the town for the benefit of both the local community and visitors to the area.

“We work hard to maintain bridges across our network. This work will make sure the appearance of key structures in Darlington is better, and that it reflects the historic place the town has on our railways.”

Leader of Darlington Borough Council, Cllr Heather Scott said: “We are pleased to work with Network Rail on this project and with the work planned for Banktop Station and the 2025 celebrations this is a great start to reinforce the importance of trains to Darlington.”