WE asked our readers what restrictions they want to be lifted first ahead of the Downing Street press conference this evening.

The Prime Minister will outline his blueprint for easing the stringent measures in England to Parliament today, amid a clamour of warnings from scientists to act gradually and calls from some Tory MPs to lift all legal restrictions by May.

As the wait continues for lockdown easing measures we invited readers to tell us which restrictions they wanted to see lifted first. Here’s what they said.

Of the 48 comments on Facebook, more than a quarter of people said they would first like to be able to visit their family and friends.

A senior Whitehall source told the Daily Telegraph: "What the public is longing for more than anything is seeing family members and loved ones. It's been a very long time and a difficult year."

One Echo comment read: “Meeting family, friends and people who need to talk especially the ones who have been on their own throughout as its time to help each other not to fight argue. We have been through so much in the past year”

Another added: “See my mam in the care home and give her a love.”

Many people also said they would like to see hairdressers and barbers open after going months without a haircut.

It is speculated that hairdressers and non-essential shops in England will start opening towards the end of March.

11 readers also said they would like to see the schools reopen first as feared for their children’s education.

Readers also issued a warning to the Government advising them not to lift lockdown too soon.

One comment read: “I have no preference if the government agree with the science, lift lockdown at the right speed to ensure this is the last lockdown. A rush to open schools none essential retail etc will see another lockdown in the matter of weeks.”