NO one wishes Harry and Meghan any ill will, but if they really are stepping back from the royal family they cannot keep popping up for publicity when it suits them, trading on their formerly royal status.

They were offered a life of immense privilege and luxury, even if it was a life which certainly also had its stresses and its drawbacks. But what walk of life doesn't?

Just as anyone can jack in a job if it becomes too much, the couple were completely at liberty to make their decision, and, to disengage fully as they wish to do, it is right that they've handed back their honorary roles and positions. It now looks a bit odd and inconsistent that, as they wish to be non-royal, they still have their "Sussex" titles, and their children will still be considered to be in line to the throne.

They need to start anew, and yet once they are outside the royal family, one of their first engagements is going to be on American television talking about the royal family. It doesn't really add up and it must be unsettling for the remaining royals to know there are a couple of loose cannons on the outside who could issue a sarcastically-worded statement at any moment to grab a few headlines.

Hopefully, once they've had their say on Oprah, they will retreat into the non-royal anonymity they apparently crave. We hope they'll be happy.