IT is staggering that Captain Sir Tom Moore should have been sent vile and horrific messages via social media in what turned out to be his last days.

Thankfully, his family shielded him from them.

It is true that the nation did go a little overboard over Captain Tom, but that was because of the days last year we were living through. On every hand was death and gloom, and yet here was this elderly war veteran doing his little bit – walking around his garden – and keeping his chin up in the darkest hour. He became the epitome of the positives that have come out of the coronavirus crisis with the people rallying around him and raising an extraordinary amount of money to help the NHS.

What sort of warped minds would find something negative in this entirely good news story?

Even if there was something to hate, what sort of warped minds would think there was anything to gain by attacking a frail man of 99?

There are some very dark corners of the internet where the anonymity culture promotes a sick bravery, giving people cover for thoughts, tweets and posts they would not be brave enough to say to another person's face.

For the record, Captain Tom was entirely admirable, and we are so proud of the way he lifted the nation's spirits and raised an amazing amount of money.