AMAZON has addressed concerns after one of its drivers was questioned by police while carrying out work to improve how it delivers parcels in the region.

Earlier this week, residents across County Durham raised concerns that people claiming to be from Amazon had been visiting homes and querying parcel locations.

At the time, they said individuals had been arriving in 'vans' to ask about delivery locations and missed deliveries, prompting concerned residents to call the police.

On Saturday, a worker was questioned by police after officers acted on concerns raised.  

But it has since been confirmed that Amazon is researching addresses which have previously had issues with parcel deliveries, while residents have moved to reassure fellow residents that the visits are genuine.

Sharon Stapleton of Bishop Auckland said she had been wary of taking part when she was visited by Amazon last week, but said it was to be expected following a spate of reported dog thefts.

She said: "The worker was very polite and explained in detail what he was doing. I must admit after all the reports I did worry afterwards."

Meanwhile Dana Mai took to social media to also reassure residents that an Amazon worker conducting the same enquires was genuine. 

Ms Mai said she had been shown a key worker letter and ID when asked, while commenting that the worker's visit was to determine the best delivery points.

In response, Amazon explained that it was ensuring addresses were "mapped" correctly on its systems and said its drivers will always carry identification and answer any questions from residents.

A spokesperson said: “We’re committed to providing Amazon customers with the best delivery experience.

"To help achieve this a driver from one of our delivery service providers may visit an address to ensure it is mapped correctly on our systems, if we have received a prior notification of any difficulties in delivering Amazon parcels to a particular property in the past.

"As was the case in this instance, the driver will carry ID and can answer any questions from residents.”

A Durham Police spokesperson confirmed the callout on Saturday and said: "Police were contacted in relation to this van.

"Officers spoke to the driver and confirmed that he was working for Amazon and that he was carrying out legitimate enquiries for the company."