A TEESSIDE-BASED charity for people living with autism has launched a specialists advice service to tackle the high number of autistic adults unable to live independently due to lack of specialist support.

The service, created by the Daisy Chain charity, was designed to provide advice to young adults living with autism, with support and advice on how to live independently.

The service is set to be ran by public and third sector benefit and housing expert Rebecca McCabe, who has lived experience with autism.

Rebecca said: "For young people with autism, the thought of taking those steps to living independently can be daunting, but with the right support and guidance, it can be life affirming.

Neeraj Sharma, chief executive of Daisy Chain, said: "Having spent the vast majority of my working life in advice and care rights-based environments, I am honoured to announce that we will be launching this new initiative, which in 2021, is long overdue.

"Individuals with autism will have access to specialist benefit and housing advice."