A TEESSIDE company, which provides a unique service for businesses throughout the North East, has revealed details of two major investments.

Mini-TANKERS, based at the Wilton Centre near Redcar, delivers fuel directly into equipment – such as generators and fork-lift trucks – operated by its customers. This just in time supply means its customers do not need to store fuel, which both benefits the environment and avoids the risk of theft.

The company’s delivery service has also proved invaluable during the pandemic. Mini-TANKERS’ drivers have ensured temporary Covid-19 testing centres have remained open seven days a week by regularly topping up the generators which provide their power and lighting.

Despite the impact of Covid-19 on the economy the company has taken two significant steps to grow its business. Mini-TANKERS has moved from its original site on Wilton International to a new larger compound at Wilton Centre, signing a 10-year lease. It has also bought two new tankers – taking its fleet up to 10 – and added two extra drivers to its delivery and office team of 17. The work involved in the move and the purchase of the tankers cost £400,000.

Managing director, Peter Tantram, said: “It’s great to begin 2021 on the back of this. During a difficult time for many businesses, it’s a rare bit of sunshine on a cloudy day.”

Mini-TANKERS began life as Wilton Transport and had been ICI’s fuel distribution business. Mr Tantram bought it from SembCorp in 2007.

He said: “We’ve always had an excellent relationship with the Wilton Centre. The long-term lease has allowed us to make the decision to grow. We describe ourselves as a service provider rather than a fuel provider. With our minimum delivery of just 10 litres - what we do is very different.”