A WOMAN has been taken to hospital after suffering a head injury when she fell whilst walking with her family this afternoon.

The North East Ambulance Service and volunteer rescuers were called to the scene of the accident in woodland at Guisborough, North Yorkshire, just after noon.

Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team deployed a Rescue Land Rover to meet other members at the Bow Street centre, in Guisborough, and eight volunteers made their way to the casualty, who was close to the lake above Butt Lane.

The Northern Echo:

After initial assessment and treatment the team placed the woman, from Guisborough, in a casualty bag and on a stretcher to be carried to the Land Rover.

She was then transported back to the rendezvous point at the Bow Street centre, for further assessment by ambulance personnel who took her to the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough.

A member of the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team gave her husband a lift down to Bow Street and from there on to home.

The Northern Echo:

A team spokesperson said 16 members were involved in the operation, either at the incident site or the rendezvous point, and another was remotely co-ordinating the incident which lasted approximately two-hours.

Volunteers then spent another hour returning to base and cleaning the vehicle and equipment.

The spokesperson said: "All team members wish the lady a speedy recovery and hope she is soon back walking again."