POLICE in North Yorkshire have issued a further 134 fines for breaches of Covid regulations in this latest lockdown.

In the first week of the national lockdown, which started on January 6, officers issued a total of 107 Covid fixed penalty notices to people caught breaching the restrictions in North Yorkshire.

The latest figures released, covering the period from January 12, show that a further 134 have been issued by the force.

This brings the total number issued by North Yorkshire Police to 241 since January 6.

Durham Police have issued 43 fines for Covid breaches since the January 6 lockdown restrictions started.

Scarborough accounts for the majority of fines issued by North Yorkshire Police at 106, followed by York at 50 and the Craven area where 26 fixed penalty notices have been issued.

Officers have handed out 23 fines in Hambleton and just one in Richmond.

Men continue to be caught breaking the rules far more often than women, with men accounting for 171 of the fixed penalty notices, compared to the 70 dished out to women in North Yorkshire.

According to the police figures, indoor gatherings are the most common breach of the rules, with 125 people fined, followed by being outside the home without a valid reason, 108 notices issued.

Tough new fines are being brought in next week to deter people from attending lockdown parties.

Home Secretary Priti Patel announced on Thursday that the penalty for being caught at a gathering of over 15 people will rise to £800 and rise to a maximum of £6,400 for repeat offenders.

Organisers of illegal gatherings can be fined £10,000.