NUMBER 10 have responded after it emerged the Covid vaccine supply to the North-East and Yorkshire would be reduced to allow other regions to catch up.

This afternoon, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that the rollout in vaccinating those in priority groups needed to be "fair" across the country.

It comes as it last night emerged the region's allocation of Covid vaccine could be 'halved' from next week due to our fast vaccination rates.

Asked about whether supply of the vaccine to the region would be scaled down due to strong progress in vaccinating people in the top four priority groups in those areas, Downing Street echoed comments made by Health Secretary Matt Hancock this week about the rollout needing to be “fair”.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “We will continue to ensure that all areas and regions of the UK receive the vaccine to ensure we can protect the most vulnerable in society.

“I would point to what Matt Hancock said yesterday where he said we have got to make sure vaccination is fair across the UK and some parts of the country, including parts of the North East and Yorkshire, have gone fast early on.

“He also said why we’re putting more vaccine into areas that haven’t made as much progress, so everyone in the top four groups can receive the offer of a vaccine by February 15.

“We’ve always said that we will prioritise those first four cohorts, which is why we set the mid-February target.

“But it remains the case that areas of the UK will continue to receive doses of the vaccine.”
Downing Street has declined to deny suggestions that vaccines will be moved away from some regions in order to boost those that have made less progress in the rollout.

Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi previously denied that vaccines would be moved from Yorkshire and the North East to help other regions in England.

But asked to repeat the denial, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “I’m simplifying pointing out the fact that we’ll continue to prioritise the over-80s and will ensure the areas that need more in order to increase those percentages can receive it, while ensuring that we provide vaccine doses to all areas of the country.”