A DARLINGTON man has seen thousands of pounds raised for him after residents set up a fundraiser to recognise his work for clearing up the town's roads completely unpaid.

Sam Walters, who earlier this week spoke to The Northern Echo about how he had spent almost every day for the past two years clearing up litter, last night responded to the efforts.

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A GoFundMe page, which was set up by resident Mark Davis and hailed Mr Walters an “incredibly decent man”, has so far attracted almost £2,500 from almost 180 people.

The fundraiser, which was designed to recognise his work and help contribute to his costs, smashed its original target of £100 within the first 24 hours of being set up.

But reacting to the efforts yesterday, Mr Walters said he was "truly grateful" for every individual who had contributed as he said he is in the process of thanking each donor.

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He said: "The last time I looked I believe it was up to about £2,300. 

"I just didn't understand how much of a problem it clearly was to other people and clearly people were glad to see the job is getting done."

Only last week, Mr Walters collected almost 30 bin bags worth of litter from laybys along the A66 between Blackwell and Symmetry Park.

Mr Walters, who had previously said he began clearing his road in Hurworth before branching out across town, said: "I am truly grateful for every single one of those pounds, that they have worked for, and they are willing to part with it for me."

The Northern Echo:

Online, Mr Davis said: "Sam goes out most days, come rain or shine, and walks many miles up and down the roadside verges, collecting all the litter and detritus tossed from cars or left by others too lazy or too ignorant to tidy up their own mess. He does this without pay, without recognition and without even his costs being covered.

"The people who litter should be ashamed – we of the Croft, Hurworth and greater Darlington community are immensely proud that Sam has enough civic pride to cover the short comings of others, and we would like to show a little of our gratefulness and pride in his endeavours, by supporting his activities with a fund to pay some of his costs and give him a gift of recognition for his wonderful deeds and generosity. From the whole community, thank you Sam Walters."

Speaking earlier this week, Mr Walters pledged to continue the almost-daily litter picks in a bid to keep the area clear.

To view the GoFundMe page - click here