A PETITION has been launched to urge Government to bring hundreds of Treasury jobs to Teesside.

The government is looking to move 22,000 civil servants out of London by 2030 in the biggest reorganisation of the Civil Service ever seen. The new government economic campus, dubbed ‘Treasury North’ would see 750 senior Treasury civil servant jobs relocated to Teesside from the capital.

The announcement comes just days after a group of MPs called upon the Chancellor to ensure hundreds of Treasury and other Government jobs come to Teesside – a move backed The Northern Echo.

The call to bring the Treasury North Campus to Teesside has been backed by leaders across the region, including Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen, who has been working with Government to make Teesside Airport the base for the new campus.

Labour MP Andy McDonald and Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston support the prospect of the move to Teesside, but continue to question whether the airport would be a suitable location.

Mr Houchen said: "In every discussion I’ve had with the government I’ve made it clear that the Treasury jobs need to come to Teesside.

“I do not have a preference where the new Treasury North campus goes, as long as it comes to Teesside. The whole point of moving senior civil servants out of the capital is to dramatically change their outlook and better inform policy, something that simply will not happen if they move to another metropolitan city such as Leeds, Manchester or Newcastle.

“The centre of power needs to reflect and be based in communities that are most affected by lack of investment and locating it here will lead to more investment and better outcomes for local people.

“Now is the time for everyone in Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool to work together to convince the government Treasury North needs to come here. That’s why I am launching a petition so that those who will make the final decision know just how important this will be for everyone who lives in the region.

“I urge every business owner and every local person to sign my petition and share it so our voice is heard loudly by the government.”

To sign the petition, visit https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/government-must-move-treasury-north-to-teesside-darlington-and-hartlepool