POLICE are clamping down on antisocial behaviour following reports of bikers illegally driving in woodland endangering members of the public.

Officers said they have received numerous complaints from the residents of Esh Winning and Waterhouses, in County Durham, about vehicles being used illegally in surrounding woodland.

It was alleged the riders have been ripping up the footpaths, damaging the flora and fauna, endangering dog walkers and being outrageously noisy.

The officers went to investigate under Operation Endurance.

A Durham Police spokesperson said: “The officers were shocked to see the devastation and extent of the criminal damage and located over 20 vehicles being used illegally, causing damage and breaching lockdown laws.

“Off roaders please remember you can only ride on private land if you personally have the landowner’s permission or if the land is a public highway I.E. a Green Lane and you comply with the road traffic act.

"If these don’t apply, then you are acting illegally committing numerous offences and face prosecution and vehicle seizure.”

11 vehicles were stopped and all riders dealt with under s59 of the police reform act and reported for consideration of prosecution under the coronavirus regulations.