A DRINK driver who hurled beer bottles and abuse at pursuing police officers has been jailed after reaching speeds in excess of 90mph.

During the high-speed chase Thomas Hoe tried to force one police car off the road and rammed into another after he got trapped in a back lane.

The 36-year-old's bid for freedom came to a shuddering halt when his VW Sharan suffered significant damage after he mounted a roundabout in the vehicle.

Teesside Crown Court heard how Hoe initially caught the attention of officers with his poor parking on Station Road in Redcar.

Shada Mellor, prosecuting, said the defendant pulled away from the police car and headed away at speed.

She said: "At one point the VW pulled into an alleyway and stopped; the defendant then reversed the vehicle at high speed and rammed the police vehicle."

Miss Mellor said the defendant sped off again and reached speeds of 90mph in a 40mph zone.

The Northern Echo: Thomas HoeThomas Hoe

When a police car pulled alongside him to get him to pull over, he shouted 'f*** off' before throwing bottles at the pursuing vehicle.

A breathalyser test showed he was more than twice the limit when he was eventually arrested.

Hoe, of High Street, Eston, near Middlesbrough, pleaded guilty to drink driving, dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance.

Defence counsel John Nixon said his client's drunkenness was not an excuse for his behaviour on May 18 last year.

Judge Jonathan Carroll told Hoe 'this was a truly appalling chase' as he jailed him for 20months and banned him from driving for four years and ten months.

He added: "Taking the risk with your own life is fair enough but taking the risk for other people is entirely a different matter."