WE don’t want to find ourselves living in a police state whereby people are criminalised and fined if officers believe they’ve driven too far into the country or cycled too far to a London park.

We also don’t want to find ourselves too scared to go out of our houses and take exercise. Boris Johnson’s bike ride has come a bit of a cropper because of the confusion inherent in his laws, but his desire to exercise is a worthwhile reminder that activity is of benefit mentally and also, to help the NHS, we need to be physically fit to fight the virus.

Where there is no grey area is in mask wearing indoors, including in supermarkets. It should now be regarded as common courtesy to have your nose and mouth covered, unless you have a medical exemption.

With one in 55 people in our area now believed to be infected, a large supermarket potentially could have a couple of people, perhaps asymptomatic, with the virus within it.

If everyone is covered up, the chances of shoppers and staff catching the virus are reduced so therefore it is right that it becomes compulsory.

There should, though, be no need to introduce fines for non-compliance because supermarkets will be able to say that if you’re not masked, you’re not coming shopping.