PARTS of North Yorkshire are battling nature today, with flood alerts issued after rainfall and snowmelt increase water levels.

Three flood warnings for areas in The Northern Echo's region have been issued by the Environment Agency, with the Maunby area, the Kirby Sigston area and Briggswath most at risk from flooding.

Each of the warnings state flooding is possible and urge people to be prepared.

The flood alert for the Lower River Swale has been issued due to rising river levels in the Maunby area, as a result of rainfall and snowmelt over the weekend.

The agency says flooding of roads and farmland is possible today, January 11.

Areas most at risk are low lying land and roads.

The agency said: "Please take care in areas in the vicinity of the river, in particular avoid low lying roads and footpaths around Maunby."

The flood alert for the River Wiske and where it meets the River Swale is now in force due to levels on Cod Beck rising, also due to rainfall and snowmelt.

Levels on Cod Beck are expected to continue to rise through today, with low land in the Kirby Sigston area being most at risk.

People are urged to take care in areas in the vicinity of the river, in particular, to avoid low lying roads and footpaths around Kirby Sigston. 

The levels on the river Esk have been rising overnight due to rainfall and snowmelt, and are expected to continue rising through today.

The Northern Echo: Picture: Environment Agency Picture: Environment Agency

The agency said: "Flooding of roads and farmland is possible, particularly around Briggswath. We will continue to monitor this closely.

"Please avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses, and plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers which may be flooded."

Yorkshire has a long history of submerged cars, flooded properties and closed roads, with warnings also in place around Marton, Normanby, Vale of Pickering, Buttercrambe Mill, the Upper River Ouse, Buttercrambe, Stamford Bridge and Elvington. 

England is currently under lockdown due to coronavirus, where non-essential travel is banned.