CHILDREN across the North-East have been forced to learn from home following a shift to remote learning as Covid continues to rampage the country, with children reacting differently across the region.

Parents, whiling praising schools and teachers, are coming up with creative ways to help children focus while learning from home.

Six-year-old Mylo McLaren would "end up in tears" over school work, something mum Katy was desperate to avoid during this third, England-wide lockdown.

Ms McLaren, from Darlington said: "He’s only in Year 1 so has never done a full school year, he’s a clever kid but just doesn’t enjoy doing it at home. The last closure was really hard work, he’d end up in tears.

"I’d feel guilty but also knew how important it was. His teacher at the time, Miss Edgar, was excellent and really helped.

"He’s an only child so also relies on school for the social aspect. I do worry about the long term impact on the children. It’s just him, Berry and me at home."

The Northern Echo: Mylo McLaren, six, and his dog Berry

Berry is Mylo's dog, who Ms McLaren says is helping to keep him motivated and active.

"I'm also worried about his mental health," the 35-year-old added. "I feel as though him being happy through this is most important. It’s easier to catch up what he loses out on academically but would be much harder to fix the impact on his mental health."

To motivate her son, Ms McLaren has created a plan with mini rewards. When Mylo, who attends Rydal Academy in Darlington, completes assigned activities each week, he can buy something on a BMX game on his iPad.

Ms McLaren, who is a residential childcare worker, added: "Home schooling is exhausting and frustrating at times but then other times it’s a breeze. And as a parent you, get to see your child grow in areas you usually miss out on when they’re at school."

The Northern Echo: Sisters Lucy Ramshaw (l), eight, and Annie, four, alongside an inspirational quote written by their mum

Siblings Lucy Ramshaw, eight, and Annie, four, have "adapted well" despite now self isolating after parents Charlotte and Adam both tested positive for Covid.

Mrs Ramshaw is also trying to keep her girls motivated with different inspirational quotes written on a whiteboard each day.

The 31-year-old said: "It’s such a hard time but we are so proud of them.

The Northern Echo: Mum Charlotte Ramshaw is putting inspirational quotes on a whiteboard to encourage the girls

"With these messages I just want to let them know that it’s okay to make mistakes and it’s ok to feel like you're getting no where. I want them to know we love them, we are proud of them and that they can do this. We all can.

"It’s been a difficult year for everyone."

Praising her daughters' school, St Annes Primary School in Sunderland, Mrs Ramshaw said: "They deserve recognition and praise. Mrs Harrison our headteacher has done everything possible to keep kids safe, well and happy."

The school has online zoom classes, including exercise classes, and sends work sheets to parents an app.

The Northern Echo: Annie Ramshaw, four, will be turning five during lockdown next week

Boris Johnson announced that primary schools, secondary schools and colleges will move to remote education from January 5, with the exception of vulnerable children and the children of key workers.