A NETWORK of volunteers has been relaunched to help people affected by the coronavirus and the third national lockdown.

Following the Prime Minister's announcement on Monday about new restrictions – which include the closure of schools to most pupils and a return to the stay at home order – the Bishop Auckland Coronavirus Angels scheme has been relaunched.

Bishop Auckland MP Dehenna Davison said she and her team had decided to start the BACA initiative again, following its success during earlier lockdowns.

During both previous lockdowns, groups and individuals rallied round to help organise deliveries of groceries and essentials such as medical supplies to vulnerable people across the County Durham constituency.

Support initiatives also included craft packs, telephone befriending groups and online events.

Ms Davison said: "We will be matching up volunteers to people who need help, whether that is emergency supplies, delivering or just a phone call to help with loneliness during self-isolation.

"In March I had so many people volunteer to help, during the November lockdown we were able to support those who needed it and I am already getting people contacting me offering to sign up again.

"If you are struggling to pick up medical supplies, if you need your shopping collected or any other essentials, our volunteers are here to help."

To register for help visit dehennadavison.com/i-need-help-or-support or to volunteer visit dehennadavison.com/coronavirus-volunteer