CUSTOMERS across the North will benefit from a £60,000 “giveaway” as part of a convenience store group’s focus on delivering value through the New Year.

Aimed at helping families in the traditional financially tough period, customers could win £100 each day and redeem thousands of money-off vouchers covering most products in Spar stores in the north of England.

Launched by James Hall & Co, Spar’s wholesaler for the North, the ‘Quids In’ digital campaign runs until Wednesday March 10.

Peter Dodding, sales and marketing director at James Hall & Co, said: “January is often a very difficult month for families across the UK and there is bound to be added pressure after a very challenging year.

“Quids In is a value driven initiative that will offer customers the chance to win a fantastic sum of money, thousands of vouchers to help with January shopping bills, and a bit of positivity to start off the New Year.”

Customers can enter Quids In by texting SPAR to 60062 and all entries will be automatically entered into a grand prize draw, with one lucky shopper awarded £10,000 at the end of the campaign, in March.

Thousands more will be awarded digital vouchers, redeemable through smart phones and valid for one week, or through an eight-digit code for those using older phones.

Further information is available via, which lists the participating stores.