A LOT was at steak when police apprehended two suspected meat thieves.

On Sunday, January 3, PCSOs from Crook Police observed two known prolific shoplifters driving away from the Co-op, in Tow Law.

It was revealed that around 27 pieces of meat had been taken from the store.

A second incident occurred at Aldi, in Bishop Auckland, at around 2.30pm on the same day, with 12 pieces of meat being taken, along with various cleaning products.

Police believe the two incidents are connected.

A vehicle was subsequently stopped in High Hope Street, Crook where the meat was recovered by police.

The vehicle was seized in relation to a number of offences.

The two suspects were interviewed at Crook police station, in connection with the thefts, and are expected to receive court summons.

A spokesperson from Crook Police said: “Although stealing a joint of beef might seem like a bargain, it has a huge impact not only on the shops themselves, but on other customers who rely on a local shop for essentials.”