REGIONAL ‘Remainers’ were forced to abandon their ‘wake’ to mark the UK’s departure from the EU.

The scheduled New Year’s Eve event in Newcastle planned by North East for Europe (NE4EU) was one of the latest casualties of the Covid public gathering restrictions.

Instead the pro-EU supporters and their guests had to observe proceedings online.

Speakers included former Labour MEP Julie Ward, Scott Daniells, of the European Movement, Daniel Elsom, representing young people affected by Brexit, and Peter Benson, of Brexit and Peace in Northern Ireland, who was speaking on behalf of the region’s Irish community.

There were also testimonies from EU citizens living in the UK expressing how Brexit has made them feel.

NE4EU co-founder, Louise Brown said: “While we are pleased we are not leaving the EU without a deal, the one that has been struck is not a good one.

“For example, businesses will still be hit hard with costs and delays from customs checks.

“We were told that leaving the EU would cut red tape, however, this appears not to be the case.

“We will continue to exist as an organisation to hold the Government to account for their promises over Brexit.”

Her parting shot, however, was to pledge: “We are not going away and the campaign to rejoin has already begun.”