So much of Peter Sutcliffe's murderous rampage across the North has become part of the cultural folklore of our region.

But a controversial new Netflix documentary, which has been criticised by families of Sutcliffe's victims, has just been released - and it sheds new light on the case.

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One of the more curious aspects of the documentary has been ex-Coronation Street star Bruce Jones' involvement in the documentary.

The actor, who played Les Battersby on Corrie from 1997-2007, will open up about becoming involved in the police enquiries into the serial killer.

The Northern Echo:

Bruce first came to the police’s attention in 1977 after finding victim Jean Jordan’s body and calling the police.  He was 24 when he discovered Jordan’s body, who was dumped in a Manchester allotment.

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As the pressure mounted on the police to find out who was behind the crimes, they narrowed in on Bruce and demanded answers.

In the documentary, Jones speaks candidly about what he endured as a suspect. He claims that being put in the frame significantly damaged his life, and ultimately caused his first marriage to break down as a result. 

Peter Sutcliffe was finally caught in January 1981, and was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 13 women and attempted murder of seven others.  He spent 40 years in prison before he died of coronavirus in November.  

The documentary is available on Netflix now.